Sadlers Wells, Peacock Theatre.

This weekend I shall be leading 'before show' family workshops to coincide with the Mischief performance at London's Sadlers Wells Peacock theatre. Goody bags will be available to make at home or better still come along an hour before the show and use the materials to make 'mad' characters like these. Pin them to the large foam character in the stalls bar and the most creative will win a prize.


Anonymous said...

These figures are fantastic, Ros - what a great idea... wonder if other theatres will follow suit. Makes me wish we could be in London but have visitors this weekend.... Hope it goes well.
And the stand at the fete looks fabulous.
xx E

bad penny said...

what fun & have a good time

mooncalf said...

I came along to the craft evening at Mostly Books last night. Just wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks as I had a great evening and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the projects in Homemade. I hope you'll be back with your next book. It was really lovely to meet you!