Knitted coat hanger pattern

Covering an old wooden hanger brightens up your wardrobe as well as stopping clothes from slipping off. Inspired by 1940's make do and mend and remembering seeing similar hangers in my grandmother's wardrobe when I was a child, I wrote a pattern for my book, Instant Expert knitter.This is based on that pattern. There is also another version in my new book Homemade. This knitted coat hanger cover couldn't be easier to knit. A simple length of garter st (knit every row), without any shaping to confuse a novice knitter. As well as the yarn you will need: a wooden coat hanger, mine measured 45cm long and 2cm wide and some dried lavender. My local health food shop sells 25grms of dried lavender for 40p, an absolute bargain. I used 4 ply mercerised cotton as I like the sheen but any 4ply yarn, cotton or wool would work, approx 20 grm. Thread for embroidery and knitting needles 2.75mm (UK 12) Pattern With 2.75mm (UK 12) needles and your yarn, cast on 17sts and work in garter st (knit every row) until your strip measures the length of your hanger when slightly stretched. cast off. To cover the hanger, find the centre of your work in both length and width and slip over the hanger hook. Stitch the strip together on the underside of your hanger with a neat catch stitch. Sew both ends. If you want an instant finish, Wrap the hanger hook with yarn securing it at either end with a blob of PVA glue. alternatively cast on 38sts (measure your hanger hook and adjust accordingly if this seems too long or short), work 4rows of garter st. cast off. Fold the piece around the hook and sew edges together so that the hook is covered, catch to your hanger cover to avoid hook cover slipping off. Knitted lavender bag With 2.75mm needles cast on 22sts and work in garter stitch for 4 rows then work in st st for 20cm, work 4 rows garter st and cast off. With a contrast thread embroider in chain stitch a motif onto the front of bag. a heart, flower or an initial are a few ideas. Fold the bag in half, cast on edge to cast off edge, and sew both side seams. With a crotchet hook make a 30cm chain, thread this through the top of the bag, approx 2cm from top.. Fill the bag with lavender or pot pouri then pull crotchet chain tie to secure the bag,tie in a bow or knot and hang over the hook of the hanger. Other ideas Be adventurous and thrifty at the same time by using up odds and ends of yarn and knit a striped cover instead of plain, you can sew in the ends at the same time as sewing the seam. If you are a beginner and daunted by the lavender bag, you could sew a bag from a scrap of vintage fabric and attach that to the hanger instead with a piece of ribbon. www.dried-lavender-bag.co.uk sell lavender on line This beautiful hand made embroidered silk coat hanger was given to me by Sarah Stuart when I ran my mail order business Little Badger. We sold these exquisite hangers and this remaining one hangs in my youngest daughter's room with a favourite dress hanging from it. This orange hanger is a particular gem, it belonged to my beautiful friend Em. It is tightly knitted in chunky nylon yarn, very 1970's, but so well made and such a fab colour that it's a beauty. I am always on the look out for hangers, whether with knitted or fabric covers or occasionally I have seen painted ones. I have found many over the years in thrift/charity shops and at Portobello market, my favourite Friday morning hunting ground. This is my most recent find, probably mass produced, as it's definitely not hand made, but lovely colours and a sweet idea to sew pretty little crochet flowers along it's length.


Burns Night

Tonight being Burn's night means Neeps 'n' Tatties and a Macsween's Vegetarian haggis in my house. I am going to try Henrietta Green, of Farmers’ Markets fame, swede and horseradish mash as an alternative to my usual separate dollop of mash and neeps. Use equal quantities of neeps(swede) and potato,1 kg of each will feed 4 people. Floury potatoes work best, Cara, Desiree, Golden Wonder, King Edwards, Maris Bard, Romano are all good. Boil separately until soft. Mash, adding lots of butter and creamed horseradish to taste. Don't forget the wee dram of scotch whisky and to read Robbie's Ode to the Haggis.


My Homemade life

Inspired by my close friend Elspeth Thompson I have decided to try and post regularly on this blog. Elspeth and I have finished our book, HOMEMADE, published by Collins on May 5th. Homemade Gorgeous Things To Make With Love is a beautiful and timely book that celebrates the current revival in making things. including more than 70 original and inspiring projects - from unusual ideas for Valentine’s Day to fabulous cushions, foolproof jam, summer bunting, the perfect beach bag and homemade Christmas decorations. This blog is about what inspires my Homemade life.