Pop up Christmas Sale poster


Kristina said...

That's a very pretty poster - very Christmassy indeed.

Geraldine said...

Hi again Ros,

I just stopped by to have another browse at your site and noted your knitting book on the sidebar. Looks wonderful. (the name seems to be misspelled fyi) in the title.

I've been trying to get started with FairIsle knitting, the pattern I have is causing me grief LOL! Do you have info. pertaining to Fair Isle in your knitting book? I have yet to find the answers I need.

I recently blogged about this project at:


if you have time to stop in. that's my craft and cooking blog. I have 4 blogs on the go!

Glad you enjoyed the book review today, my pleasure.

I'm commenting on this here as I couldn't find a contact option. Hope that's ok.