Re-Inventing vintage French textiles

This week I had a meeting with ChateauDumas and I have confirmed that I will be leading 2 residential workshops in 2010 titled
RE-Inventing Vintage French Textiles.
All guests stay in the Chateau which is in Auty, a small hamlet north of Toulouse .
The studio workshop is in this old gatehouse.
For more information please contact lizzie enquiries@chateaudumas.net
I am also involved in Sophie Conran's Temple Guiting project. I will be making christmas decorations at the first house party event in November along with Sophie, Maxine Clarke and Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A weekend in the country, fashioning Christmas decorations. I can think of nothing better! Alas, there is a big, fat, pond separating us!

Diane said...

I thought my job was boring before - but now......!! Can't wait to see the outcome.

jus said...

Sounds gorgeous, but blimey I can't believe we're nearly at Christmas already.

Danielle said...

Sigh - delightful - wish I could magic myself over to Europe for a cold Christmas.

homemade said...

I wish you could all come too!!