Chapman's Pool. Mist is rising.... and decsending
I love this sign So modern........


Suse said...

Gosh your blog is beautiful.

I was in an op shop on Wednesday and saw a huge basket of clothes hangers with knitted covers. Dozens and dozens of them!

Tracy x said...

i love a misty day - the way it wraps itself around our home, and we can no longer see the sea.... and when it clears and our amazing views appear it makes us stop and realise how very, very lucky we are.
the one downside is that on a misty day i have no idea what the dogs are up too and they generally take the mist as a chance to roll in something ghastly :)
love this post and the one before with all the hearts x
hope that you are well - looking forward so much to your book.
t x

Attic24 said...

Funny, last time I walked the cliffs to Chapmans pool (many years ago now) there was that exact same mist.
Love that little part of Dorset very much even though I'm originally from west Dorset (Bridport), something about purbeck which I am drawn to.

Jo said...

Hi Ros,
I tried contacting you via your website a couple of weeks ago using my work address (@barcap) and am wondering if it went through to you.
P.S. I found you via Elspeth's blog.

jus said...

Dulwich Gallery...gosh that brings back memories. Before New Zealand we had a little flat on Lordship Lane and the gallery was a place where Lil (my own teen treasure)and I could while away a stray hour. Does the Blue Mountain Cafe still exist? If so, does it still serve cheese quake?

jus said...

I love it...Lordship Lane is trendy! I feel a touch of the naughty old homesickness bug lurking. Thanks so much for adding me to your list and if you're ever passing the jugs always on.